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What is a product without a description?  We use our strong writing skills to explain your passions to the world.
We offer packages involving the live-tweeting of Twitter Spaces and virtual events. Let us focus on delivering key points in real-time as you conduct your virtual events and sessions
Let us manage your social media presence.
​Social media can take your brand and or your business beyond physical barriers.

Client Testimonials

Jas Chyrel CEO of missLady magazinemissLady magazine

When BTR Productions decided to handle my social media full time, it created more relief for me as a business owner. I love seeing the many posts on my pages, which I rarely  have time to post myself. Brittany has changed the flow of my production as well as created a flow of liveliness to our many fans.

I never thought I'd see action on Twitter but it's happening and I'm very thankful. When people mention posts that they saw, I make sure to let them

know that it's not me, it's our handy dandy social media manager!!! #gobtr"


Janis F. Kearney of Writing Our World Publishing


"Kudos to Literary colleague, Brittany Reese, for her amazing work with the Read.Write.Share Writers Weekend! We could not have realized the success

of our weekend without Brittany's tireless and professional marketing efforts! Beyond her role as marketing director for the Weekend, Brittany Reese

received rousing approval from the writer-students for her in-depth knowledge on social media management and marketing, but also her ability to communicate with the group. She was nothing less than outstanding.

Writing our World Publishing, Writing our World Press and the Read.Write.Share Writers Weekend family are so very grateful to have

Brittany and BTR Productions, LLC as part of our team!"



Iris M Williams of Butterfly Typeface Publishing:

Brittany and her company, BTR Productions provide excellent service and outstanding creative work. The company manages to take what you give and somehow produce MORE! The whole process has been smooth, effortless on MY part and MORE than what I expected. Brittany's passion for helping you succeed is evident in what she does. The exposure I've gotten in just a short period of time is amazing! If you ask me, ALL small businesses NEED BTR Productions just as they need a business plan and a website!